SRP Ribbon Control
Introducing the new SRP Ribbon Control! Bringing the toolbar user interface made popular by recent versions of Microsoft Office to OpenInsight applications. No more cumbersome menus and makeshift toolbars. All your application’s commands are in one place, easy to modify, and easy to code against.
SRP Sketch Control
When text just isn't enough, use the SRP Sketch control to include images, videos, and audio files to complete the picture. In most cases these non-textual bits of information are generated through other programs and accessed by OpenInsight. The SRP Sketch Control helps bridge this gap by providing developers a way to embed a basic illustration tool within their OpenInsight applications.
SRP Pro Controls
The SRP Controls Pro includes everything and then some. Every ActiveX control that is currently in our catalog is included in this package. Additionally, all new controls that SRP produces will automatically be added free of charge as long as the annual support contract is still active.

SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. is the premier provider of programming tools and visual components for the OpenInsight environment. Each product is born out of real world applications and carefully designed to equip OpenInsight developers for achieving functionality that far exceeds the native toolkit.

Our philosophy is to use best of breed technology – also referred to as “right tool for the right task”. Therefore, we use C++, COM, .NET, and BASIC+ to provide optimal performance with ease of use. We invite you to explore our vast catalog. Feel free to download any, or all, of our products and try them out. Every commercial product is fully functional even when used without a license. While you might encounter a reminder dialog on occasion, you can still evaluate the complete benefits of any of our tools. When you are ready to purchase a license there is no need to re-install the product. Simply drop in the license file we send you.

OpenInsight developers are staunch DIY (do-it-yourself) types. We know, we come from the same community! We celebrate the resolve of each developer who exploits the power and flexibility of the OpenInsight tools to create wonderful applications. However, we also strongly beleive there are times when it makes far more sense to rely upon trusted third-party solutions. If your application needs a truly hierarchical data layout with full drag-and-drop support, stop forcing a listbox control to emulate this and take advantage of our rich SRP Tree control. If your solution requires an auto-sized date selection tool that supports themes and colored dates, stop spending hours trying to adapt an edittable control and make life simple with the SRP DatePicker control. There are endless examples that we could cite where customers have spent, and lost, hours of productive time when using one of our ActiveX controls would have accelerated the project and provided much better results.

Our tools are not simply for show. They are designed for maximum productivity. Our flagship tool, the venerable SRP Editor, remains the best code editor available, bar none, native or commercially purchased. Call tips, label jumps, favorites, configurable command buttons, custom argument assistance, RDK integration, code formatting, etc., are just some of the many features that have been built in with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Products like the SRP Application Launcher do more than put an icon on the desktop. It can insure single instances of OpenInsight applications on the same desktop. It can do simple file management – or even call batch files – before the application is launched. Splash screens can be displayed for fixed amounts of time so that background tasks can be performed without the end user wondering if the application is even running. Each tool in the SRP catalog has several features that solve the many problems developers are often confronted with. This results in developers getting back to the business of providing solutions rather than worrying about how to get past their roadblocks.

If you are in a budget crunch, then please avail yourself of our freeware. These products are not free because they are limited or lack the same attention to quality that our commercial products have. Rather, they are free because we also believe in giving back to the community. Spend time reviewing the numerous functions that come with SRP Utilities. Herein you’ll discover a range of useful functions, from specialized methods for managing XML and JSON to extremely efficient commands for managing dynamic arrays…and so much more.

SRP stands by its products and is always eager to answer questions, offer advice, and offer troubleshooting assistance. To accomplish this we also have our own discussion forum. Everyone is invited to participate and learn from one another. We appreciate our customers and your time spent visiting us through this site. Rest assured, when you use an SRP product, our goal is your success.