SRP Sync Server

Applications often need to communicate with each other. Traditionally, this was limited in OpenInsight to placing data into monitored tables or directories. Such techniques utilizes a lot of resources for something that can be done over the network. That’s where the SRP Sync Server comes in.

SRP Sync Server 1

This server supports two of our products: SRP DirectConnect Control and SRP Schedule Control.

SRP Sync Server 2The SRP DirectConnect Control is a non-UI control that asynchronously sends and receives messages to all other instances of SRP DirectConnect Control on the network. This allows two copies of OpenInsight to pass custom message to each other instantaneously. Moreover, since these are controls, an event is fired when a message is received so the main OpenInsight thread doesn’t have to waste processing power polling for data.


150px-SRPScheduleThe SRP Schedule Control uses the SRP Sync Server to synchronize all instances of SRP Schedule Controls on the network. When one user moves an appointment to a new date, the other user sees it move in real time. This has been extremely helpful to our customers whose business operations include a dispatch center.


The SRP Sync Server is provided free to customers who have a licensed copy of the SRP DirectConnect Control, SRP Schedule Control, or any future controls that will utilize the SRP Sync Server’s capabilities. Support for the SRP Sync Server will only be provided to customers with licenses that do not have expired support agreements.