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SRP Engine Server

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In today’s enterprise, applications demand increased batch processing power. Offloading large computational tasks to a server can be done with the OEngineServer or OECGI, but these tools are designed for asynchrounous requests. The SRP Engine Server provides a highly optimized fire-and-forget paradigm, so you can put your server to work without interrupting the end-user experience.


No manual registry entries. No complex interfacing with Windows Services or IIS. Starting your SRP Engine Server is as easy as modifying an INI file and double-clicking the EXE file. Send requests to the SRP Engine Server using a single function call.


The SRP Engine Server starts as many engines as you desire right away. No time is wasted spinning up engines “as needed.” Instead, the C++ written server instantly dispatches your requests to the next available engine or places it into a queue you can view via the SRP Engine Server’s user interface. Since the multi-threaded SRP Engine Server interfaces directly with the RevCAPI, your CPU cycles spend more time processing your BASIC+ code than it does managing the engines.


In addition to processing incoming requests, the SRP Engine Server can also automatically execute procedures at a timed interval. Need each engine to run an initialization routine as soon as it’s started? The SRP Engine Server does that too. And don’t worry about your version of OpenInsight. The SRP Engine Server works on all 32-bit versions of OpenInsight.


The SRP Engine Server can manage as many engines as you need whether it’s a single engine to handle occasional requests or twenty to handle massive loads of data processing. You are only limited by your hardware and OpenInsight licenses.

Price and Licensing

The SRP Engine Server is $475 and includes one year of technical and upgrade support. The developer is permitted to use this license in any supported development and deployment system. All serial numbers must be provided at the time of purchase. Additional serial numbers can be added for a $50 administration fee. Please see our License Information and FAQ page for further information. All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.