SRP Sketch Control

Sometimes text is not enough. Applications often use images, videos, and audio files to complete the picture. In most cases these non-textual bits of information are generated through other programs and accessed by OpenInsight. The SRP Sketch Control helps bridge this gap by providing developers a way to embed a basic illustration tool within their OpenInsight applications.

Types of Uses

The SRP Sketch Control is being used to draw floor plans, outline parts, and diagram integrated components. Other uses are only limited to the developer’s imagination.

Convenient Features

Sketches are object and vector based making it easy to modify and update the image. The toolset includes basic necessities such as shapes, lines, arrows, text boxes, and snap-to-grid. Additionally, the SRP Sketch Control allows the end user to use formatted annotations, predefined labels and codes, and pre-saved illustrations – which is a tremendous time-saver for applications that use common components.

An Integrated Solution

The SRP Sketch Control enables the developer to save each drawing as a multi-value formatted string. This string can then be loaded back into the SRP Sketch Control as needed. Both features allow for the SRP Sketch Control to be tightly integrated within an application. Sketches can also be exported to BMP or EMF file formats for use within OIPI reports or other viewing options.

Price and Licensing

The SRP Sketch Control is $355 and includes one year of technical and upgrade support. The developer is permitted to use this license in any supported development and deployment system. All serial numbers must be provided at the time of purchase. Additional serial numbers can be added for a $50 administration fee. Please see our License Information and FAQ page for further information. All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.