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SRP HTTP Framework

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Version: 4.0.10

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Building applications that are engineered for today’s web and mobile environment is a requirement that most OpenInsight developers face. While OpenInsight provides tools for basic web connectivity, the broader world of inter-connectivity expects certain standards and protocols to be used. In short, we must rethink our traditional INET paradigm and provide web services that are easy to consume, while maintaining the flexible and powerful data model and business layers that OpenInsight is well known for.

To help OpenInsight developers with this task, we are pleased to introduce the SRP HTTP Framework. This product is built from the ground up to equip developers with rapid web-application building tools that are API-centric, while using familiar concepts such as commuter modules, reusable libraries, and core code that is extensible to suit the needs of the developer.

HTTP Standards Friendly

Using HTTP for communication is relatively simple and requires little understanding. Creating APIs that conform to HTTP standards is another matter. The SRP HTTP Framework helps to make this easier by providing templates that handle common HTTP requests and build common HTTP responses that will be recognized by any caller. Furthermore, the SRP HTTP Framework includes a robust tookit library to aid the OpenInsight developer to create additional well-formed HTTP handlers.

REST Optimized

There is little doubt that cloud-based applications and services have embraced REST as the architecture of choice. SRP HTTP Framework embraces the REST paradigm. Developers can build RESTful APIs (which is not fully possible with INET or O4W), thus providing one more way to extend the rich capabilities of the OpenInsight environment to a world of customers, partners, and third-party developers without the worry of explaining MultiValue technology.

CRUD Samples Included

Getting your first API written can be challenging without a working example. To help ease the learning curve and improve your productivity, SRP HTTP Framework comes with a fully functional REST API and sample CONTACTS database table.

Advanced Logging

Writing web APIs is challenging enough so we provide you detailed logs of each HTTP request and response. We also tell you how long each request took so you can easily identify your bottlenecks.

Price and Licensing

The SRP HTTP Framework automatically ships with SRP FrameWorks v15 and higher. Older version of SRP FrameWorks can be retrofitted to work with the SRP HTTP Framework, but this will require the product to be shipped as a stand-alone product for a discounted cost of $1,500.00 USD.

For non-SRP FrameWorks installations, the SRP HTTP Framework cost is $3,000.00 USD. A fully licensed copy of SRP Controls Pro is included with the SRP HTTP Framework (a $2,750.00 value).

Most support will be provided through our online discussion forum. Please see our License Information and FAQ page for further information. All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.