SRP Mobile Repository

The SRP Mobile Repository is a powerful and unique tool that enables OpenInsight to work with more than one repository. OpenInsight is designed to only work with entities which are managed in a local repository. There are many occasions, however, when a developer might need to modify or use an entity from an alternative repository, thus allowing the original entity in the local repository to remain preserved. The SRP Mobile Repository equips OpenInsight developers with this much needed feature.

GUI Interface

Our easy to use interface uses drag-and-drop to select one or more entities at a time and copy them into the mobile repository. Once an entity is in the mobile repository developers can use the normal OpenInsight toolset (e.g. Form Designer, System Editor, etc.) to update and execute it as if it were coming out of the local repository.

When launched, the interface displays available applications along the left hand side. Our hierarchal presentation then allows the developer to expand any of the entity types to see the available entities.

At any time the developer can move entities from the local repository to the mobile repository or vice-versa.

Command-line API

In addition to our intuitive visual GUI we offer the developer a comprehensive command-line API. Our programming interface is service-oriented so it is easy to learn yet flexible and powerful. In fact, the visual tool itself makes direct use of our command line interface. Consequently developers have the ability to create their own custom user interface or simply embed the API commands within their own code for non-visual operations.

Here is a sample piece of code that programmatically attaches a mobile repository (or creates one if it does not already exist) then copies entities from the local repository to this mobile repository:

Many Uses

The SRP Mobile Repository opens up a world of utilization that has thus far been unimagined due to the “out of the box” design of OpenInsight. Here are a few ways mobile repositories can be useful:

SRP Mobile Repository

Price and Licensing

The SRP Mobile Repository is $2,395 and includes one year of technical and upgrade support. The developer is permitted to use this license in any supported development and deployment system. All serial numbers must be provided at the time of purchase. Additional serial numbers can be added for a $50 administration fee. Please see our License Information and FAQ page for further information. All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.