SRP Standard OLE Suite

The SRP Standard OLE Suite includes six ActiveX controls essential to any user interface. Some of the controls replace existing OpenInsight controls with additional functionality, while the others provide modern user interface features that are missing from OpenInsight.

SRP Button Control

With its support for different themes and styles, the SRP Button Control is well suited as a richer replacement for the OpenInsight button or as a toolbar button. The SRP Button Control even applies visual effects automatically to your image when disabled so multi-framed images are no longer necessary to create.

SRP Hyperlink Control

The SRP Hyperlink Control is very much like the OpenInsight static label control with the additional ability to respond to the mouse. The SRP Hyperlink Control can help you make efficient use of precious real estate by allowing users to click on labels that would have been there anyway.

SRP StatusBar Control

The SRP StatusBar Control brings modern status bar support to your application. Create any number of panes with a variety of styles. Display images, scrolling text, or even progress bars. A resize gripper in the lower corner will automatically provide a large area for your user to resize the window.

SRP Picture Control

The SRP Picture Control serves two roles: picture viewer and control part renderer.

SRP Tab Control

The SRP Tab Control goes beyond OpenInsight’s tab control. Customize the appearance of selected tabs, and disable or hide tabs individually. Tab scrolling and multi-row tabs are both supported.

SRP Subclass Control

Please refer to our SRP Subclass Control Product Description page for more details.

Pricing and Licensing

The SRP Standard OLE Suite is $235 and includes one year of technical and upgrade support. The developer is permitted to use this license in any supported development and deployment system. All serial numbers must be provided at the time of purchase. Additional serial numbers can be added for a $50 administration fee. Please see our License Information and FAQ page for further information. All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.